The General Jackson Showboat - Nashville

The General Jackson Showboat – Nashville

Cruising in and around Nashville on the General Jackson Showboat is one of the best family attractions in the country.

On the General Jackson you’ll enjoy stunning views along the Cumberland River, a delicious meal freshly prepared and sing-along entertainment in the two-story Victorian Theater in the center of the boat.

The General Jackson is one of the largest showboats ever built. The General Jackson is an elegant and stately vessel, evoking nostalgic memories of the grand opulence of the American Victorian era.

Showboats have long been a colorful part of America’s history, and this totally unique Nashville experience epitomizes the grace and grandeur of the Old South.

The General Jackson Showboat is named after the first steamboat to operate on the Cumberland River in 1817 which was named after President Andrew Jackson, whose historic home—The Hermitage—is 15 minutes from the dock.

Built by the largest inland shipbuilder in the United States, Jeffboat, located in Indiana, the General Jackson was launched on the Cumberland River on April 20, 1985. —