Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers Nashville

The Time Jumpers — Best Monday Show in Nashville!

The Time Jumpers are a legendary group of Nashville’s elite studio musicians that evolved from casual jam sessions at the Grand Ole Opry to holding down a weekly ten-year stint of sold-out shows at the famous bluegrass haunt, The Station Inn and, more recently, becoming THE Monday show in Nashville at the newly expanded 3rd and Lindsley….

Arnold's Meat and Three Nashville

Arnold’s Meat and Three Nashville

When you travel south in the USA, eventually you will hear the term “meat and three.” So, what is a “meat and three”? “In the cuisine of the Southern United States, a meat and three restaurant is one where the customer picks one meat from a daily selection of three to six choices (such as…

Nashvilles' 5-Star Hermitage Hotel

Nashville’s Historic 5-Star Hermitage Hotel

There’s the time that a guest room was emptied of furniture and blanketed with canvas so cowboy minstrel Gene Autry’s beloved horse, Champion, could stay with him in the hotel. Legendary pool shark Minnesota Fats lived there for eight years; the management sprang for a $3,200 Steepleton billiards table so he’d have somewhere to play….